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Lumbosacral pain caused by blockage of dynamic vertebrogenic segments of thoracolumbar transition

Sead Čebić, Džemal Pecar, Muris Pecar, Suad Sivić


Introduction: In the case of the Thoraco-lumbar Junc-tion Syndrome the pain is located in the region of the lumbo-sacral junction. Sudden torsion movements and lifting of objects while the spine is in position of torsion is the cause in most cases. In those cases, a blockade on the Th11-Th12-L1 vertebrae occurs. The aim of this research was to determine the number of patients with the Low Back Pain whose origin is in the thoracic verte-bral dynamic segments, in relation to the total number of patients according to gender, age and profession.

Methods: In this retrospective, descrtiptive study we have analyzed patients treated for Lumbosacral syn-drome of thoracic origin in private specialist ambulant “Cebic” in Zavidovici during one year period. We analyzed data from patients medical records and history.

Results: Total of 1882 patients were treated for the Low Back Pain, of which 67 (3.56%) had an origin of the pain in the Thoraco-lumbar Junction. In the analyzed group, there were 49 (73.1%) man and 18 (26.8%) women. The largest number of males, 21 (42.8%), were between 40-49 years old, while the largest number of woman, 9 (50%), was 20 to 29 years old. Largest number of male patients, 35 (71.8%), were physical workers, while most of the female subjects, 7 (38.8%), were of ce workers.

Conclusions: Our research concludes that the num-ber of patients with Low Back Pain of the thoracic origin (3.56%) is not disregarded, but these facts are usually overlooked. Therapy for those kinds of patients is in most cases concentrated to the lower segments of the lumbar spine, which gives unsatisfactory therapeutic results.

© 2011 University of Sarajevo Faculty of Health Studies

Keywords: Low Back Pain, Thoraco-lumbar Junction, Manipulation

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